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        Beyond the human soul, I found a sparkling light in a tiny

       little being. Since then I dance with her in Existence, we breath the same Air, she brought me back home. My first Ig, Tallulah, made my heart rise again.Together. with  Isadora, Samadhi, Donatello and all the others, we are singing a beautiful song, the song of the plants, the forest, the ocean, the silent language of Love ... just in one sight, in one little movement, ​

           a beautiful Constant Celebration that we are Eternally one...

              I Love you my little girls, and my beloved boys.

            I Love every dog, living thing, I love life ... and it wasn't easy

                         Thank you for giving me that much

                             Thank you for so much fun and happiness   ​


                                                     Nadia Sohaei


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