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gaugin copia
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Our puppies love to be with children
Puppy love
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puppy and kids in harmony
Happy friends
Puppy love
Pearl with Fuji
Tica with Fuji

Our Puppy Life is the most passionated part of our experience. It brings me Joy, learnings and teachings. Mother Nature is behind all the time. Puppies are born in my bed, in contact with me and the mother, and with the whole family around.  Puppies are born with a special song that the mother listen in the piano during the pregnancy. All of them are born with a particular piece of music, so they turn very quiet and safe when they listen  it.

Mothers are full exercised before, during and after pregnancy so babies  get inmune naturally. They get the best fresch  aliments - not only croquetes or hard food - but meats with veggies.. 

Love is the main secret of their happines, they are deeply loved even before birth.

That´s a Salkin-Aidan

puppy: a happy puppy !

salkin - aidan  has the best character and balance possible in the breed ,  building the best companions for all ages, specially for  sensitive  people with big affection  needs .  They are compassionate and loving , always happy and very outgoing. They are amazing for therapy for kids, adults and another hounds. 
salkin - aidan  excellent therapy  italian greyhounds 
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